455 Oldsmobile Nodular Iron Crankshaft

New 455 Std. Oldsmobile Nodular Iron Crankshafts!
In stock now and ready to ship for only $549.00

10 Year Parts Warranty on Crankshafts and Cylinder Heads

Mondello Olds Rolling Chassis comes complete with Headers, a Stainless X-Pipe Exhaust System, Oversized Sway Bars and a Tubular Suspension

Oldsmobile Rolling Chassis
Specializing in High Performance Oldsmobile Parts and Complete Oldsmobile Engines (350-403-455) for Street, Strip, Marine and GMC Motorhome applications.
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Oldsmobile Balanced
Short Blocks
In Stock Now!

Comes complete with Block, Crankshaft, Connecting Rods, Forged Pistons, Piston Rings, Rod/Main/Cam Bearings, Flexplate or Flywheel, Harmonic Balancer.
10 Year Parts Warranty
Call to order (805) 237-8808

Mondello Oldsmobile Short Block


Mondello Pro Max
Aluminum Cylinder Heads for Olds Engines

These cylinder heads come complete with valves, valve seals, springs, retainers, locks, studs and guide plates. For small and big blocks
Call to order (805) 237-8808
$1,499.00 (pair)
10 Year Parts Warranty
 Mondello Pro Maxx Aluminum Cylinder Heads
'H' Beam Design Steel
Connecting Rods

4340 Chrome Moly Steel.  Lightweight, with ARP 8740 alloy rod bolts.
$499.00 - In stock now.
Call Lynn today for details.
(805) 237-8808.
SR-501-H Oldsmobile Small Block Connecting Rods

Complete Custom Engines
for Sale

455 Big Block Olds with Polished Mondello Aluminum Heads, Polished Edelbrock Torker Intake  Manifold, Oldsmobile Polished Aluminum Valve Covers, our complete Aluminum Billet Bracket & Pulley System and a 10 Year Parts Warranty.
Payment plans available.

Call now for pricing
(805) 237-8808.
Mondello 455 Oldsmobile Engine

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