Transmission System
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Torque Converters

7100.gif (40846 bytes) 7100-1 Torque Converter
11" Torque Converter Approx. 2200-2500 rpm stall speed.
7100-2 Torque Converter
11" Torque Converter Approx. 2500-2800 rpm stall speed.
7110-1 Torque Converter
10" Torque Converter Approx. 2500-3000 rpm stall speed.
7110-2 Torque Converter
10" Torque Converter Approx. 3000-3500 rpm stall speed.
  7120 Torque Converter
8" Torque Converter 3500 to 7000 rpm stall speed.  Phone technical support for your application.
  7150 Torque Converter
Heavy-Duty furnace brazed Torrington roller bearings, heavy-duty 4140 steel hub sprague, new alloy splines.  This torque converter is for severe towing conditions and motorhomes.  1800 to 2000 rpm stall speed.  Fits all 400 and 425 Turbo-Hydramatic transmissions and is available in 3 lug or Allison 6 lug bolt patterns.  We recommend our OL-1205-FP heavy duty billet steel flexplate for this torque converter.
  20604 Torque Converter
TH400 8" Race Torque Converter. Features a furnace brazed impeller with anti-balloon plate, alloy steel pump drive tube, extreme duty thrust bearing, heavy duty sprag & thrust faces, needle bearing between turbine and cover, furnace brazed turbine with inlet blade supports, alloy steel turbine hub, heavy-duty drive and anti-balloon plates, pressure tested and fully balanced.  Approx. 4800 to 5600 rpm stall speed.
  20425 Torque Converter
Performance 10" torque converter for street/strip use.  Features a 3400-3800 rpm approximate stall speed.  Fully balanced and furnace brazed for Pro Street Applications.


  80706 Pro-Stick Race Shifter
Shifter for Turbo-Hydramatic Transmissions features a brushed aluminum cover, single hand-operated reverse lockout that meets NHRA/IHRA requirements, interchangeable gate for 2, 3 or 4 speed transmissions.  Will work with air or CO2 shifter kits.
  80710 Gate Plate
Pro-Stick 3 speed reverse pattern gate plate.
  80841 Pro-Ratchet Shifter
Shifter for BM Turbo-Hydramatics.  Supplied with a lightweight brushed aluminum cover, single hand operated reverse lockout meets NHRA/IHRA requirements.  Precision ratchet action works with either standard or reverse pattern valve bodies.  Also includes neutral safety switch and a 5" super duty cable.
  46112 Button Shifter Knob
Works great for line lock, transbrake or nitrous oxide system.  Will handle 12 or 16 volts.  Thread adapters fit 1/2"-20, 3/8"-24 and 5/16"-18 threads.
  46000 Launch Control Line Locking System
Can control either front or rear brakes independently, used as a line locker or as a hill holder while stopped on an uphill grade.  Will hold 3000 psi of line pressure.
  46003 Universal Remote Button and Spiral Cord
Rated at 12 amps.  For use with transbrake, launch control and nitrous systems.
20280.gif (57630 bytes) 20280 Transmission Oil Pan
Cast Aluminum Oil Pan for TH400.  Provides 2-4 quarts additional oil capacity and increased cooling ability.  Features a built-in drain plug, fluid pickup extension and gasket provided.
70264.gif (32304 bytes) 70264 Transmission Cooler
Supercooler Automatic Transmission Cooler for all applications including motorhomes up to 24,000 GVW.  Comes with installation hardware and hose.
  20234 TH400 Vacuum Modulator
This modulator is adjustable, allowing you to tailor shift points within a range of 2-4 mph.
  80277 Remote Transmission Oil Filter Kit
This remote oil filter increases filter efficiency 2-5 fold.  Includes remote adapter, spin on filter and hardware.  Replacement filter is a Fram PH43 or equivalent.
  22172 SFI Flexplate Shield
SFI approved flexplate shield for Buick/Olds/Pontiac (1967 and later).  Made of high strength steel.


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