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Oldsmobile Aluminum V8 Cylinder Heads By

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Photographs Courtesy of Edelbrock

The Edelbrock Performer RPM Aluminum Cylinder Heads for 400-425 and 455 Oldsmobile big block engines. This cylinder head is a result of a joint venture in design and ideas with Edelbrock and Mondello that was two years in the making. These heads will accept all stock and after market intake and exhaust manifolds, plus any type of headers. All bolt patterns and accessory bolt pads are in stock location. The cylinder heads are supplied with 7/16" head bolt holes and can easily be bored for " head bolts. The exhaust and rocker stud holes are heli-coiled for added strength and longevity. The combustion chamber volume is 77 cc's and can be milled for smaller cc's if needed. The 356-T6 heat treated aluminum casting is very strong and durable, plus will give you a significant weight savings.

You can run a higher compression ratio about 10 to 1 with today’s gasoline without detonation, because of the heat dissipating aluminum design incorporating a new designed water jacket. The valve sizes are 2.072" intake valve and a 1.680" exhaust valve both with 11/32" valve stem size, 45 degree valve face, one piece stainless steel construction, undercut hard chromed stem (the valve guide angle is 6 degrees). The pedestal-type stock rocker arm assembly has been replaced with a 7/16" rocker stud and a 3/8" guideplate, for adjustable rocker arms and will require special length 3/8" hardened chrome moly push rods. The OEM position, intake entry and exhaust exit, makes this head so unique because everything you now have will fit with no modifications.

The 6051 Edelbrock Performer RPM head flows in prototype form, 268 CFM intake port flow and 207 CFM exhaust port flow. The stock intake port flow on a "C" casting cylinder head is 230 CFM and the exhaust is 162 CFM, which is 30% less than the new Edelbrock head. The exhaust to intake flow ratio is 69%. The new double quench design combustion chamber has the spark plug angled at 45 degrees and moved over closer to the exhaust valve for a better and cleaner burning of the gases in each cylinder, producing more power and torque. The intake port is stock size and in stock location like the "C" casting Oldsmobile heads. The exhaust port is a totally new design, which is much shorter in height, "eliminating the dead area", but approximately the same width. The center line of the exhaust bolt hole to the top of the exhaust port is .870", while the stock "C" head is about .910". The exhaust port is 1.540" wide and 1.400" tall. The 6051 Edelbrock Performer RPM head is a high flow, high velocity cylinder head design. The valves are longer than stock OEM Oldsmobile valves. The intake valve is 4.756 long and the exhaust valve is 4.780 long, which will require a taller than stock valve cover. The 6051 Edelbrock heads will come with manganese bronze valve guides. The heads do not have any head cross over provisions for a choke stove type choke and have individual exhaust port runners for positive evacuation of the exhaust gases. The deck thickness is .625" finished. You can mill these head surfaces .080" to .100", to decrease the combustion chamber cc's for installation on 330-350 and 403 small-block engines.

You must use the 7111 Edelbrock Performer Manifold when using the 6051 or 6052 heads on a small block Oldsmobile engine. The 7111 has ample aluminum for port matching and good gasket sealing. The pre-counterbored head bolt holes will have to be bored to " for use on 1977 to 1980, 350-403 and 1978 to 1985 diesel blocks being used for gasoline applications. The 6051 Bare Performer RPM Heads come with valve guides, hardened seats, 7/16" chrome moly rocker studs and 3/8" guide plates. The valve guides are not reamed or honed and the valve seats are not machined. The 6052 Complete Performer RPM heads come with stainless steel undercut valves, 7/16" studs, 3/8" guide plates, positive type valve stem seals, outer valve springs with flat wound dampener, chrome moly 11/32" valve spring retainers and 11/32" machined valve locks. The heads are assembled, ready to install on your engine. The valve springs can be used on any hydraulic or mechanical (non-roller) camshaft, up to 6000 RPM and .575 maximum lift.

Joe Mondello felt this was an excellent choice in cylinder heads for the 1965 to 1976 big block Oldsmobile engine and can also be adapted with some work to the small block Oldsmobile engines.  Mondello Performance Products offers 2 ported and polished versions of the Performer RPM Cylinder Heads with increased flow, power and torque. Street-Strip and All Out Competition Series. We have several camshafts to compliment this Performer RPM cylinder head in hydraulic, flat tappet and roller designs. We also have several High Performance, High RPM engineered valve spring kits with chrome moly or titanium retainers available, plus roller rocker arm kits in cryogenically frozen cast steel roller tip and aluminum roller rockers, chrome moly push rods, 3/8" x 7/16" rocker studs, poly-locks and aluminum rocker arm stud girdle. We have 170,000 to 190,000 P.S.I. ARP head stud and head bolt kits in 7/16" & ", Mondello cast aluminum extra tall valve covers, special Posi-flow intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, rubberized cork valve cover gaskets (10 bolt hole).  We also have a new Detroit 'O' ringed head gasket @ .041" compressed, especially made for this head and guaranteed to hold up to 12:1 compression with " head bolts or studs. We also have a 5/16" guide plate available and 5/16" push rods, if you wish to go this way.

Always remember, at Mondello's "We make horsepower, not promises".

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